are your kids interested

does anyone out there have young kids that are interested in hifi,i started with my dad about ten,and loved it, 40 now,and kids love to help me ,just wondering about yall,my son 9 years old starting to read the mags that come in asking stuff,kinda cool
My 15 y.o. daughter is interested. Sings in choir and understands low versus high fidelity. She has the best stereo among her friends by absorbing my cast offs when I upgrade. (Rega mira integrated, Musical Fidilty E624 CDP, Yamaha T-70 tuner, ACI Sapphire III speakers). Whether she will be an audiophile remains in question but a good song in high fidelty will make her cry so there is hope.
I have 2 kids and I think that the younger one (7) maybe will be into it. He picks up my mags sometimes and love to sing along with the music. My older one is not very intersted in music. One time he came in and sat down in my sound room with a CD player and a pair head phones on. I was shocked, I did tell him I was supprized that he would rather listen to a 2 doller pair of head phones insted of a 25K audio system.

sometimes when im going crazy about it not sounding right,my 2 year old and 3 year old will come in an dance and run around reminding me its the music that feeds our soul,not the 60 hz hump
Bbaxley2, yes, but it's probably the 60Hz hump that's making him want to dance around the room... :)
I have one kid, a son, who is now 21. At aboaut 17 or so he finally began to see/hear what I was into and since then we can talk about stereo/2 channel only, for hours. He likes a lot more power and bass while I prefer the highs/treble and not being driven back by the sound. He has built a decent system and we share a subscription to Stereophile and AudioExpress