Are your record surfaces as silent as CDs?

When I got my new analog setup (please refer to my profile if interested ) I was very surprised that surface noise virtually disappeared from most of my records.  It’s like I was listening to CDs.  I’m wondering if others have had that same experience.with their setup.


Dear @rvpiano  : " surprised that surface noise virtually disappeared " or almost.


Today that's not surprised but a " normal " situation  but not exactly as CD that's noiseless. LP is near but not there yet.


Regads and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


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Nearly for this man. 
I have purchase a few used recordings that need deep cleaning, bit in some cases the damage is done. 

My very first and indelible recollection of being introduced to the Compact Disc from my Teen's in 1981 is to be seen in the Link.

Obviously somebody thought the TV Footage was worth finding and making accessible on Youtube.  

Shortly after nearly all my friends were abandoning their Vinyl and using CD, as it was to be in their Cars as well as their HiFi Systems.

The Irony is in my main audio system, a means to play a CD was not added until 2017.