Are your record surfaces as silent as CDs?

When I got my new analog setup (please refer to my profile if interested ) I was very surprised that surface noise virtually disappeared from most of my records.  It’s like I was listening to CDs.  I’m wondering if others have had that same experience.with their setup.


I had noise issues with vinyl back in the 70, 80, 90s. I was using a Linn Sondek, with an SME tonearm and a mid-level moving magnet cartridge along with a Conrad Johnson PV1 pre-amp. Noise was so discouraging, I embraced CD/SACD with an Esoteric P3 D3 combo w/ separate clock. I decided to go back to vinyl around 2005. I purchased Brinkmann LaGrange with a Breuer tonearm. I use a ZYX 4D cartridge and a ASR Basis Exclusive phono pre-amp. I use a Clearaudio double matrix for cleaning. Vinyl is noise free with this hookup and it is wonderful. I would not have believed it if I did not experience it for the last 20 years. Nirvana!

Nope, clicks and pops. Most new pressings, except for boutique labels, are poor. Digital has given me zero tolerance for surface noise.....