Are your speakers designed for your listening taste and hearing ability?

It occurs to me that speaker manufacturer’s and designers in many cases design their speaker ( and its subsequent sound) to the expected ’typical’ buyer. IME, a lot of high end speakers are designed to appeal to the consumer who has a certain amount of ’hearing loss’ due to age! This might sound odd, but I think that there are a lot of a’philes who have reached a certain age and have now two things going for them..1) A large enough wallet that the expense of the speaker isn’t really the issue and 2) a certain amount of high frequency hearing loss. This circumstance leads to designers and manufacturer’s bringing out speakers that are a) bright, b) inaccurate in their high frequency reproduction and c) not accurate in their reproduction across the frequency spectrum ( some may be tipped up in the highs, as an example). My impression is that a certain technology catches on--like the metal dome ( beryllium or titanium, as an example) and the manufacturer sees a certain public acceptance of this technology from the --shall we say-- less abled in the high frequency hearing dept, and the rest is as they say...history. Your thoughts?
Typically between 80-90+ db, depends, to me the volume should be realistic to the type of music and what the live setting would be.
In my 50 years of this “hobby” I have never bought any equipment that I didn’t think sounded excellent.  Why would I?  My advice for those that it matters to, is do your homework, but always, always,  always buy what sounds best for you, not your friends or the  pundits...

So now there is no objective reality, only subjective preferences? J. Gordon Holt was right about the direction Hi-Fi was taking, and is rolling over in his grave.

For anyone yearning for some truth/facts about loudspeaker design, all you have to do is go to You Tube and do a search for GR Research speakers. That search will lead you to the videos Danny Richie has made, wherein the theory and mechanics of loudspeaker design are explained and demonstrated. JL: "All I want is the truth.....just give me some truth."