Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL

The most expensive part of that table is the finish, aside from that it looks to be another cheap belt drive table.

Exactly; only a beginner can believe that there is technology and innovation in that turntable that can motivate the purchase; let it go and look forward.
Clever cross marketing. An already well received deck with a sunburst finish to harken to end user’s beloved guitars.
As a guitarist, I have always had strong affection for my sunburst guitars. But, mostly, this type of finish is used for acoustics not electrics. Not a fan of Fender acoustics. Martin or Gibson, especially old ones. I have a sunburst 1937 Gibson L00. Love it.
The only problem with playing Hendrix on this table is you have to turn it upside down
That's one fine table there! It takes a really nice table for me to get excited but this one is pretty damn cool.