Argent Room Lenses?

My wife and I have been discussing our options reguarding acoustic treatments. After looking at several different items, we've discovered that Argent Room Leses is something we both can live with. However, I was wondering if anyone at Audiogon has had any experience with them. Whether it is negative or postive, I would appreciate any input.
I went to Home Depot, bought some 2 1/2" (or thereabouts)
PVC piping, pine boards and some fiberglass insulation
(for stuffing the tubes at specific intervals). I built
a set of three Room Lens-clones for about $60, and spray
painted them black. They're not as refined and classy
looking up close as the real thing, but I figure I can
put up with that at a savings of about $840 under MSRP.
Do a search for Room Lenses and you'll find several sites
giving the information.
Assuming speakers have been selected to taste that are appropriate to individual room volume and budget, and one has gained sufficient self knowledge in the psycho-acoustic phenomenon in the process of exhausting speaker placement, and room acoustic treatment exercises, then spend on gear to support those speakers.

Of course, if very rare decent source material has not been found as a reference initially, it could all be an exercise in futility. Without it, speaker qualities cannot be discerned, let alone component gear. Much less the subtle mystique of cable and tweak differences. Like a computer, any system is subject to 'garbage in, garbage out'.

Try at least one of the CD's recommended at: (there is nothing to buy there) for a reference. Especially if your goal is hearing the individual instruments as they actually sound live, and to reproduce the concert hall experience as closely as possible in your room, with your system.
I've got four since my room is also being used for HT. I had to use two instead of the one that would normally go between the left and right speaker. I've found the thing that I like about the room lenses is that you can really tailor your sound by making very small adjustments in the locations of the lenses. Two inches makes a change in music presentation. My room had a bit of mid bass bloom and the lenses completely remedied my problem. I really didn't initially think that a positive would be their physical appearance but it is now probably the most impressive piece of gear in my room.
I made my own set of Room Lenses using the Jon Risch recipe combined with Greg Weavers steps and Thorsten filling recipe. Let me tell that after they were finished, they spend about a year between two audiophiles friends systems and almost lost them. They made fantastic results on both systems and on different positions. The actual guide from RL manual are just that, a guide to start. Final set up will depend on room, kind of speakers used and trial. The effect in my case is to give a huge soundstage, there are more details and clarity too. depending on the center lense position, the vocalist are presented at different deepness. The DIY can cost around $60-200 depending on the quality and finishing of the bases. Mine are finished in solid pieces of Red Cedar and were made by a wood specialist. There was my extra cost. Regarding the other materials, just plane PVC tubing (2") and pillow filling at Wal-Mart.