Aric Audio Systems Unlimited Preamp

They have a tube model called Unlimited that appears to be a decent value for < $800. It is tube rectified and with pair of tube voltage regulators and 12AX7 driver tubes. It even has a phono stage. Anyone is familiar with this preamp?
 I purchased the Special 6SN7 preamp from Aric January 2020. Love this pre! I have been talking with Aric about purchasing the Transcend PP amplifier. Still deciding how I want the amp to be configured. 
Here's the new Line Stage:

Up and running and sounding good.  I will run it for 50 - 100 hours  on the tubes supplied by Aric before rolling in some NOS 6SN7s that I have.
Congratulations, the preamp looks great. I still have my Unlimited that I purchased after starting this thread. Its gone through several incremental upgrades including top grade Audyn coupling capacitors, Mills resistors, ALPS volume/gain control, and better tubes and despite its deceivingly simple chassis it's one of the best sounding preamps I have rotated through my system, mainly brought over by friends for comparison. I did all the upgrades myself so it has also served me well as a great way to get into DIY. I think the new Unlimited II already has lots of upgrades over the original Unlimited. I was lucky to find one of Aric's older SE KT88 amplifiers in the same exact chassis as the Unlimited - hammered silver, for sale a year or so ago and the pairing/synergy is fantastic driving Omega Super Alnico Monitors. Aric's products punch way above their asking prices and having the ability to ask him to customize the units is just icing on the cake. 
I will have to agree with other posters here regarding the Aric Audio preamps. I have a Special 6SN7 line stage (for 6 mos. now) which has been upgraded to 85-90% of the Motherload II preamp, and it is pure music in my system. Great soundstage, midrange, speed, quietness / blackness, etc. You name it, it has it.

I agree with many posters here that the 6SN7 family of tubes (I use the 6f9g) are a superb tube to use in a linestage. This preamp bettered my previous tubed preamps that were using 6922 or 12au7 tubes. The Aric takes very well to tube rolling, and you can really "flavor" it to your preferences.

Anyone looking for a decently priced preamp should give the under-appreciated Aric Audio preamps a listen. And Aric is great to talk and work with too!

@teajay, still waiting for your review of the Motherload II to show up on Stereotimes!
Hey 1markr,

I just submitted my review on the ML MK-II to my editor at Stereo Times. Hope, it will be published in the next couple of weeks.

It's a great preamplifier. I purchased the demo piece.