Aries Cerat Helena or Mola Mola Tambaqui?

I am deciding which dac I should take. Mola Mola(8000 euro) I can audition, Aries Cerat Helena (11000 euros) I can not, only direct sale. Mola has volume regulator, Helena not, but it is R2R with tubes like Lampizator, weighs 40kg oppose to 6kg of Mola. Mola is more commercially known and very very good reputation. Both have also reputation as a killer of very expensive dacs.  My system is Tannoy westminssters Roayal and tube monoblocks ith Se-833(similar to Wavac Se-833))Any thoughts or experiences with these dacs? 
I've compared both in the same all Aries-Cerat system (I owned the Tambaqui previously).  They are both fantastic- the AC Helene is more open on top with wonderful organic tonality.  The Tambaqui counters with incredible purity; S/N ratio off the charts, and detail without stridency- both have wonderful staging, but the Helen puts you in the studio even more.  I wouldn't hesitate to own the Tambaqui again, but that being said, Aries-Cerat is the next level, but we are talking completely different price points here...  The end-game goal is the AC Kassandra II- 'one ring to rule them all'...  
At the end I have bought Tambaqui, but if i get some more money laying around I will purchase Kassandra as well :) 
Hahaha totally agreed! My end game dac is a Kassandra II (when I have alot more $$ :p) Just watching youtube vids already enough to send me drooling to the moon :p Sometimes we end up wondering what good hifi should sound like, and I think something the Kassandra produces is what I would aspire to :)