Aries turntable with JMW -10 tonearm

I picked up this turntable about a year ago and haven't had the chance to buy a cartridge and phono-preamp. I would like to buy something in the mean time that is low budget. What can you suggest that retails less than 1,000.00 dollars.

P.S. I'm running tube gear with Dynaudio special 25's.
I think a nice little Dynavector 10x5 or 20x-H would work really well with it. They are really nice cartridges for the money, and work well with that arm.

Possibly even the Dynavector P-75 phono stage as well. It's not tube, though.
Second the Dyna 10X5; am using one in my TNT/JMW10.5 and like it a lot. Sounds even better if you "denude" it and don't mind voiding the warranty.
Get your Dynavector from Juki here on 'gon he has them out of Hong Kong for CHEAP. XX-2's are like $800.