Arm Differences ...... ,etc.

I'm fairly new to the analog world and you've probably read some of my posts in the past. I've now got a good handle on brands and models, but now the technical.

What are the pros and cons of a unipivot arm compared to a gymbal pivot or non-unipivot? Which work more effectively with a suspended table? Does a type of cartridge lend itself more to a suspended table?

Your responses continue to be most enlightening. Thanks.
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As usual Viridian sums it up nicely. There are excellent examples of both types of arms. Get one that suits your needs and your cartridge best.
Viridian - Thanks for the help. But, "Listen and Compare", is not possible where I live so most of my audio choices are accomplished through homework and faith.

BTW, if you had 5k retail to spend on an arm and cartridge, what would you get?

I've just purchased an Avid Volvare table.

Also, I have a Rogue amp and 100db speakers. Does having very efficient speakers effect analog choices?
If it were me, I'd buy an Origin Live Illustrious and a Shelter 901 cartridge, but you probably already knew that.
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