Arm for Thorens TD-145 /160 ?

I've been holding back on a higher performance arm for my Thorens TD-145 'cause I'm a lazy kind of person when it comes to my free time and I really liked the auto shutoff, but now the little magneto went bad and no more auto-shutoff. So now I need an arm that is "reasonably" priced and will work with my Denon 103 but not shut me off to higher compliance cartridges. (I have an Ortofon Om-20 as well) Any suggestions?

I have a Thorens TD 150 with a Rega RB250 and an Ortofon Om-20. It tracks very well and is quite detailed in presentation, at least compared to the original arm.
Thanks everyone.
Some good answers that stayed on point/ topic! I posted the same question on Audiokarma and simply got arguments as to why I shouldn't change the TD-16, cause it is such a great arm (I think it is a decent arm, by the way- I just want a better arm for my greatly upgraded TD-145- I believe it deserves it!). I was also told there is no better arm for which I can use the DENON 103 due to it's low mass.
I appreciate the actually USEFUL answers and I will get down to some studying!