Arm upgrades for Goldring GR 1.2 worth it?

I'm thinking of buying a more substantial stub/counterweight for the Goldring GR 1.2, the one that has a RB-250 lookalike. Two questions: a) Is it worth the trouble? b) Which one is most cost effective? I figure I can probably take the upgrades with me to a Rega table in the future. I keep hearing things about how the Goldring table and arm aren't so great but I see it as a sort of stepping stone in the upgrade path throughout the Rega tables. Here are the counterweights I've considered:

1. Clearaudio turboweight - Pricey, but has slung counterweight

2. Heavyweight - Yeah, good luck finding one...

3. Pete Riggle (of VTAF fame) CCM - This one is dirt cheap ($85), looks pretty good but I've heard absolutely nothing about it

4. Michell Technoweight - $$$ but it seems like the most well-received and most justifiable in taking to the next better Rega arm

and finally....

5. OL Structural Mod - also a bit pricey, but comes very well reviewed and simple to install/remove

Anyone with experience with any of these? I feel like the rest of my system is capable of resolving the difference between stock and modified but is the table a worthy candidate?
You can install an upscale counterweight now and enjoy the sonic benefit. There will definitely be a sonic benefit. If you ever sell your turntable you can either include the new counterweight and price accordingly, or reinstall the stock weight and sell the TT with that.

Buying a counterweight new and selling it later involves a price hit but not a huge one. IMHO the improvement is worth that. Of course if you find a counterweight used, you're laughing.

So yes, you will get your money's worth from this upgrade. You can hardly lose.
I am looking into Groovetracer as well (Rega P300).
I wonder how much more heavier the Groovertracer weight than a stock one?
130g seems like a lot of extra weight pushing down on the tonearm's bearings, isn't it?
Also I cannot find the answer to my question regarding Stylus force adjustment. Would installing Groovetracer require to disable original Rega force adjustment wheel?
Sorry to say your best bet with the groovetracer weight would be to disable (max out) the tracking force adjuster and use a gauge to measure your tracking force. I'm not sure how heavy the groovetracer weight is but be cautious about how much it might change the effective mass of the arm and subsequently the relationship between it and your cartridge.