I was browsing thru some old stereophile mags the other day and found an article of this, feb 1990 issue, raving about the sonic benefits of treating cd's so i tried it. i can't decide if i like it or not, it definitely changes the sound, much cleaner highs. anyone do this on a regular basis? what's your take on it?
Who else remembers this? My memory says(not much on a good day :.) - It was tried by a number of folk, and after a while(don't know how long) the CD would start to delaminate. Something about the makeup of the Armor-all eating the plastic. I do the green pen thing and am happy with that. I'm sure there are a bunch of cleaners out there but the one we have stuck with is the Optrix by Compact Dynamics. Good luck in your quest. If you read far enuf ahead in the Stereophile mags I think it will come to the results of the Armor-all thing. Roger
I remember the Armour All thing. The original author of the tweak later had to issue an embarrasing retraction with instructions on how to remove it.
Racer I never used Armor-all on CDs but I recall reading long ago anyone who did was sorry!

I would never use any waxe/polish/cleaner that is not designed specifically for CD application. These can degrade optic quality of CD surface, I vaguely remember the Armor-all mess but I believe after a period of time the plastic surface becomes cloudy/ not use on CDs.
Thanks, Megasam. Now that you have jogged my memory, I believe you are correct. The CD did become cloudy. I never did that tweek, either, but I know of some who did and they were not happy with the outcome.