Arrows on cables.

I can never remember but what direction should the arrows on speaker and interconnect cables be going 
AudioQuest claims that the wire drawn through the die will determine which direction the signal should flow due to the "diode" effect in which the metals is oriented...and they listen to each wire to understand how the cable should be assembled. Wow...ok...sure. Seems like SR took this BS from AQ in his marketing.

Nordost says the way the wire is drawn makes no difference. It's the signal flowing through the wire that orients the lattice structure of the wire.

Both are "experts" in conductor metallurgy, apparently.

Which "expert" is correct?
hmm, I guess I connected my speaker wire properly, they at tellerium Q, so the arrow goes from integrated amp to the speakers.
No one has addressed tape loops and the inconsistent labeling that can accompany the inputs and outputs ;-).