Ars Sonus Filarmonia - Reliability

Anyone owning or have in the past having owned a Filarmonia; please outline any functional problems or repairs that you have had to the integrated. Or If you have had a problem free unit, please advise.
I am particularly interested in the SJ model but info on any model would be helpful. Please include the age of the unit when it required repairs, or in the case of care free units, the age of the integrated. If you contribute to this discussion, please advise if you are a retailer, distributer or currently have above referenced integrated for sale.
I currently own the SJ model. Had an issue that was repaired. Didn't know if this was unusual or is the reliability that I can expect down the road.  I can see where current owners may not want to compile a list of issues in fear that it may hurt / discourage future sales; if so please e-mail me at: fbflorey - at - frontier - dot - com
Thank you
I do have the same model which i will be posting for sale in the next couple of days. I received it in March of 2012 and never had any problems with the unit
Thanks, Craig