Art Dudley passed away. Rest in Peace

Sad news

Stereophile Magazine reported today that Art Dudley passed away.

" The hi-fi world has lost a giant, and we at Stereophile have lost a brother.

Art Dudley passed peacefully this morning around 4am after a short illness. The cause was metastatic cancer."

Nothing to say 

I remember some of the videos with him, he was nice guy ...

Last week I was watching some Herb Reichert/Stereophile videos on YouTube and one of them featured Art at his home in New York. He seemed very likeable to me (even rescued a big turtle out of the road, lol).
I was just thinking this morning about the beautiful countryside shown in the video at and near Art’s home and how I’d like to visit the area some day so it was jarring to see this unwelcome news. Sincere condolences and warmest thoughts to his family and friends.
Also my favorite audio writer.  A couple of years ago, Art and I had a nice discussion about selling my dad's collection of 78's (ultimately I offered to give Art the collection for free, but it never quite happened).  I have been a fan since the Listener. He turned me on to lower power, higher efficiency gear, and changed how I think about audio forever.  He will certainly be missed!  
Thank you for sharing this news.  I have always enjoyed reading Art Dudley articles.  Curiously enough, most of the time his views and mine differed.  That was OK, though.  He was a philosopher really and he will be missed.
He didn’t seem to be sick; his last video published on utube dates back to a month ago.