Art for your music room

Being an artist myself I find that appropriate images on my walls adds to the overall ’vibe’ I wish to feel when entering the listening room.


My favorite pieces are by Nils Dougan (laser cut wood), and Eric Bowman (my good buddy).

A comment on the ’distorted’ looking wood cut. It is indeed flat, and an optical illusion.

Eric did a series of jazz singer paintings a few years back. It’s quite large and one of my favorite pieces. Oil on canvas.

Show us what you all have. Just upload your jpgs to

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@1111art Guess you missed this thread I started just after they added the image upload feature Show Us Your Listening Room Art

I just added this one this week. Wilco has a local artist do a unique poster for every one of their concerts. This one is special to me, as it was from my first concert at Austin City Limits' Moody Theater.



Love this and @sbank thread, wishing Agon had a merge thread feature…..

I am a Robot bent on exposing my core processor to ART !

Thanks Spencer, I did indeed miss that topic.

Here's my prize painting titled 'Zaida'. Painted in 1917 by Theodore Lukits.