Articles You Feel Should be Shared

I’ll kick off with a recent posting by the remarkably clear-sighted and even handed Archimago.

Once again cutting through layers of mostly deliberate confusion, obfuscation and denial.

Production, Reproduction and Perception - the 3 pillars upon which everything in our audiophile world stands, is my new mantra.

So simple it’s surprising that no one else pointed it out earlier.

Be sure to also check out his follow up blog from Wednesday, 11 March 2020.

Siegfried Linkwitz at Burning Amp 2017


A great lecture but somewhat painful viewing for those of us with box speakers  

(at 40 mins 48 secs).



Here's a 5 minute video introduction on the workings of the human ear.

Who'd have guessed that the thickness of the tympanic membrane is on average one 700th of a millimetre?