Artists' lps that don't get the respect deserved

Allman Brothers "Enlightened Rouges".  I've always enjoyed this one. It's always a treat to listen to and has great sonics. To beat it all, it's easily found used. In fact, I'm listening right now. (Is it because Don Johnson has some credits?) Thoughts? Suggestions? More importantly, put it on and enjoy!
I'm sure that there are folks that love vocal of Rod Stewart, but I spoke about what most think and I including. 
I like Jeff Beck he's super great, but it doesn't mean that I like Faces or Rod's solo work.
A lot of Dylan fans reacted negatively to his 1980's "Christian period". I wasn't one of them, loving those albums.
Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks

Grateful Dead with Pig Pen

Adrian Belew's music

Bardo Pond (great band)

Bob Dylan's rock-a-billy period
The discussion of Rod Stewart brought to mind, "Gasoline Alley".  
For me that is an excellent "solo" recording from Rod (though he's got a great group of musicians working with him on it).  I'd put that out there as an example of an LP that doesn't get enough praise. 

boxer12, what's an album from Dylan's rock-a-billy period?
Stones Santanic M.R.
Van Halen Fair Warning
Ac/DC Flick of the Switch
Nick Gilder Frequency
The Troggs