Artists' lps that don't get the respect deserved

Allman Brothers "Enlightened Rouges".  I've always enjoyed this one. It's always a treat to listen to and has great sonics. To beat it all, it's easily found used. In fact, I'm listening right now. (Is it because Don Johnson has some credits?) Thoughts? Suggestions? More importantly, put it on and enjoy!
Ncarv - no argument from me about Rod's voice.  He lost me, however, mid 70s with Night on the Town and Footloose & Fancy Free.  
"Hot Legs" is definitely something that will make me switch the station or turn the thing off.  Also in agreement with you about those 2 Dylan albums... Blackjack Davey & Hard Times from GAIBTY along  with Two Soldiers & Lone Pilgrim from WGW being personal favorites.   
Agreed, ghosthouse, on Rod's later stuff. Once he split with the Faces, it was something completely different.
It sounds like we enjoyed some of the same concerts. I saw the Grateful Dead many times however was only fortunate enough to see Belew once with King Crimson. Note that Bardo Pond is very creative but different than both of those bands. My favorite from them is Dilate. Another musician you may want to check out is Jason Molina in the bands "Magnolia Electric Company" and "Songs: OHIA

Together through life is great. I was surprised though to see he used Robert Hunter for lyrics. Not that that is bad (I'm a fan of Hunters as well).  

I completely agree about that string of Dylan albums, ghosthouse, except my favorite is probably "Love and Theft". Dylan Rockabilly? That's a new one on me! There is one song on "LAT" approaching RAB, with a real nice jump blues/shuffle feel....."Summer Days". Very cool.

For anyone wanting some Rockabilly that absolutely kills everyone else (even Elvis on Sun), get a best of The Rock n' Roll Trio (aka The Johnny Burnette Trio). Johnny's guitarist was (Telecaster player) Paul Burlinson, who is highly revered by other guitarists, even the great Jeff Beck. They did the first white version of "Train Kept a Rollin" (the original by Bluesman Tiny Bradshaw in '51), and it absolutely smokes. The Yardbirds (during the Jeff Beck era) pretty much copied it, but it's nowhere near as good. Then Aerosmith copied The Yardbirds' version, and not very well. You really, REALLY want to hear The Rock n' Roll Trio version!

bdp - thanks for the Johnny Burnette Trio tip.  I'll check it out.  Even though I'm not usually a fan of that early R&R sound myself, I do like knowing the roots of the more modern versions that I enjoy.  Your in- depth knowledge of popular music history is really impressive.