As a chill electronica listener, should I stop at a Med-Fi system?

Hi All,

As an electronica music listener of chill, downtempo, folk, and similar music, is there any point of me seeking an ultra high resolution system...DAC, cables, power conditioning..etc?

If its all about the source material, much of the music i listen to is not an orchestra or live band with lots of microphones, so I'm assuming there's not a ton of imaging and micro-detail going on.

Is there, then, any purpose to seeking equipment that can resolve all of those little details?  Should i just stop at a healthy Mid-Fi System?


Example of Chill Music

Meadowlark - Can I have this Dance (Youtube)

Meadowlark - Can I have this Dance (Spotify)


Example of Chill Electronica Music

Meadowlark - Can I have this Dance [EMBERZ Remix] (Youtube)

Meadowlark - Can I have this Dance [EMBERZ Remix] (Spotify)


  I listen to Classical Music about 99% of the time.  I think it is the most demanding genre to reproduce for many reasons, including dynamic range.  When I listen to non Classical on my system, I always feel like I am driving a Rolls Royce in a driveway.  I enjoy pop much more on my mid fi systems

mahler123,      I agree !

Only diff is I listen solely to jazz  when my car is moving.

it all depends on how the music is engineered. many music of this genre are very well recorded and engineered such as Men I Trust and Saint Etienne. IME it’s usually the large US labels that have bad recordings.

Hi All,

Thanks for all of the feedback and excellent suggestions.  I can see that electronica music can still have hidden detail to be resolved, and its up to me to make sure my system is up to the task!

@fai_v - just keep in mind that sometimes TOO much detail is not desirable and can be distracting - try to listen to as much gear as you can to see how your EDM sounds on it - good luck!