As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?

I figure a lot of us here started hearing music through stand-up furniture stereos and/or composite units (mine was a Craig tt, receiver, 8-track). Then, one day I saw and listened to my cousin’s Pioneer Spec amps (with equalizer and oscilloscope) supporting a Beogram 4004. He also had a Teac R2-D2, but it was the 4004 that had the ever-lasting magnetic effect. What piece of equipment got you?


mid 60's went with my father to pick up Fisher 500C receiver, AR 2Ax speakers and Dual 1019 turntable...still have the turntable, been meaning to get it refurbished - any suggestions on refurb place for the Dual ? Thanks

My first "music player" was a Tiny Tim crystal radio (around 1959).

In 1960 (neighbor's Halloween party) I listened to a single Klipsch K-Horn, Garrard or Thorens TT (unknown amp/preamp) and it blew away the Tiny Tim (my jaw dropped to the floor).

A few years later (Christmas party @ the same neighbor) there were 2 K-Horns, Marantz amp/preamp and what looked to be the same TT (sounded about the same as the mono system to me).

A few years after that my father purchased a used Magnavox tube stereo console for our living room (nice looking/sounding blonde wood unit).



In the 70's our family had one of those huge RCA stereo console TV's. As a kid it seemed to be 10' long and weigh 1,000 pounds. Way better than a pocket radio!

Late 60s went to a concert at the Stock Yards in Chicago. I was overwhelmed by the speaker system. They were JBL horns, etc. I wrote a letter to JBL asking what the system was. I actually got a return letter! They guessed what the system was based on my description. I have been a JBL fan ever since. Bought a pair of JBL Dorian S12 speakers from Allied Electronics on south Western Ave. I still have them!