As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?

I figure a lot of us here started hearing music through stand-up furniture stereos and/or composite units (mine was a Craig tt, receiver, 8-track). Then, one day I saw and listened to my cousin’s Pioneer Spec amps (with equalizer and oscilloscope) supporting a Beogram 4004. He also had a Teac R2-D2, but it was the 4004 that had the ever-lasting magnetic effect. What piece of equipment got you?


Lots of guys coming home from " The Nam " in late 60s, early 70s. They shipped home some nice stuff. Hearing that sealed the deal.

Good question man. My dad had a pioneer setup when I was young. He then moved to Onkyo that’s still being used to this day. My best friends dad had a classe setup with paradigm studio 100s. I think that’s what really did it for me. 

Pop’s dual KLH-9 set up powered by ARC D-70s with an SP3a front end and Thorens TT. Sitting in the sweet spot was like wearing room sized headphones.

Happy listening. 

 A farm kid in my High school class blew his entire farvest pay on a McIntosh stack, Bose 901s, Thoens TD-160 and Shure V-15 Type 3. That was my introduction to HiFi and Pink Floyd. Later, A much smaller rig with AR-4s, AR-XB w/Shure M91ED and a Sansui Integrated in a small apartment introduced me to Missippi John Hurt, speaker placement and stereo imaging. I went for a Marantz 1060, Large Advents, a Pioneer PLA-35 belt-drive automatic and my splurge - a B&O SP-12 cartridge. The table rumbled a bit, but the arm handled the SP-12 just fine, and allowed me to let roommates and girlfriends play records.