As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?

I figure a lot of us here started hearing music through stand-up furniture stereos and/or composite units (mine was a Craig tt, receiver, 8-track). Then, one day I saw and listened to my cousin’s Pioneer Spec amps (with equalizer and oscilloscope) supporting a Beogram 4004. He also had a Teac R2-D2, but it was the 4004 that had the ever-lasting magnetic effect. What piece of equipment got you?


In collage I was first exposed to at first mid Fi but what really grabbed my interest was when a friend got a job with real high end place.  He let us come over a few times and bring our favorite albums.  I still rember the McIntosh amps arrayed on rows of racks with those meters glowing.  I was hooked but it was a couple of decades before I could afford moving up from mid Fi. 

Klipschorn powered by McIntosh tube monoblocks controlled by McIntosh tube preamp. LinnSondek TT playing the beatles. I don't remember the model numbers. First rig I bought included B&K ST140 and Pro-5 pre (I still own both), Mirage M760 speakers (still own those too), Dual TT, a Denon CD player (still own), and a NAD 6300 series cassette deck which I sold a few months back to a friend.

Today I have several power amps, preamps, speakers, etc.