As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?

I figure a lot of us here started hearing music through stand-up furniture stereos and/or composite units (mine was a Craig tt, receiver, 8-track). Then, one day I saw and listened to my cousin’s Pioneer Spec amps (with equalizer and oscilloscope) supporting a Beogram 4004. He also had a Teac R2-D2, but it was the 4004 that had the ever-lasting magnetic effect. What piece of equipment got you?


My mother played classical piano and my dad played blues Coronet. We had some sort of system that played vinyl 78's a lot.

I watched my dad build his own speaker cabinets for his speakers.  And in my teens I bought my own fisher component system cause once again my dad had a fisher tube rack system that I remember could heat a room!  But everything sounded so deep, rich and detailed.  

One of my best friends in grade school introduced me to his parents' ARXa, PAS-3, Stereo 70, and AR3a speakers.  That inspired me to buy kit amps and such from Lafayette and Allied.  Later worked in an electronics store.  Now I have a lot of the gear from that era that I couldn't afford at the time.  

When I was 14, I saved up all the money I made working in the back room of my uncles liquor store sorting return bottles and bought a Panasonic compact stereo system with a built in cassette recorder, BSR turntable, am/fm tuner and speakers for around $200.00. When I turned 16 and started working at Burger Chef and was making better money, I sold my Panasonic to a co-worker and bought my first real stereo system.  It was a 20wpc Sansui receiver, Sony Dolby Cassette Deck, Garrard turntable with a Shure M91ED cartridge and a pair of Bozak bookshelf speakers.  2 years later I started working in that store that would last another 15 years.  I was constantly buying better equipment.  The disease never left me. 

Waytoomuchstuff ,,I was one of those other guys hanging around David Beatty.  Great place and great time.

My roommates brother brought home Sansui gear from being stationed in Korea. 
Wow.   ‘74, my brother in law sends me Sansui gear from the PX in Guam.  Later ‘74, in college, working at a new dinner theater.  I walked into the dining room as the busboys are setting up.  They had The Doobie Brothers playing thru 2 Voice Of The Theaters @30 feet up center stage.  It just rewired my brain. Nothing else has ever sounded like that.  I remember that moment in time.

For the next near 50 years, same Sansui 2000x, and turntable. Same sweet wife. On retirement, I moved to Primaluna, VPI, Sutherland, Soundsmith, and Klipsch Cornwall’s .  I have to feel the air moving around me a bit.  Close as I’ll get to those VOTT.   Lucky guy