ASC traps vs. REALTRAPS ????????

which is better for aborbtion quality in the low bass range, from 150 hz down to 20 hz.? realtraps are flat and alot of ASC stuff tends to be cylindrical. ??? the ASC traps seem really expensive, like up $1000 for one 20" trap!!!! are they worth the extra cost when the realtraps are like 200 each?

You can also make a DIY version of the RealTraps design using Owens Corning 700 series products. Ethan Winer (RealTraps owner) has a good amount of information on one of his web sites about rigid fiberglass and their sonic properties.

After a lot or reading and research, I built a number of custom bass traps and absorbers for the first refelection points. One of the nice things about building them yourself is that you can make them exactly as you want them. I currently have four 2'x8' bass traps in the corners of my listening room, as well 30"x48" absorbers for the reflection points and material for a few other traps that I'm working on. Even using expensive Guilford of Maine acoustic material, I will have less than $1,000 in treating my room.

There is a tremendous amount of good information available on room acoustics. Take a look at the "Room Acoustics" thread in the Speaker section here on Audiogon. The Room Acoustics forum over on AA is also very good.
Check out my system. I use both 20" and 16" stacked Super and Tube Traps along with a PARC. Yes, they're expensive, unfortunately, but if you can afford, the combination will tame almost any situation.