asheville audiophiles

Just moved here (actually Black Mountain)and need recommendation for electrician to swap out one stock outlet for my audiophile one. Thanks!
Any electrician can change an outlet. You can do it yourself easily. If you're not comfortable doing it, open the Yellow Pages to electricians, closes your eyes, and point.
DIY outlet change:
- find the circuit on the panel board
- turn circuit off
- replace outlet
- turn circuit on
- test
Total time @10 minutes. Cost = $0

Getting an electrician to do the same = not priceless (@$100).

If you are leery of trying this then I suggest you look at youtube for some video's on the process. It really doesn;t get much simpler than this, but you need to be careful.
Ask neighbor dood who has 30 years old pickup truck with toolbox and offer him bottle of beer or glass of burbon.

P.S. Do it when wife isn't home, so she won't do same when you're not home. Women get turned on to the working man :-)

I agree Ptmconsulting, however if you must hire an electrician, then you should also consider having him install a dedicated line or lines as well.