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The Humours of Whiskey

  While a child in me cradle, me nurse with her ladle
Was filling my mouth with a notion of pap
When a drop from her bottle fell into me throttle
I stumbled and capered clean out of her lap

On the floor I lay crawlin' and screamin' and bawlin'
'Til me mother and father were called to the fore
All sobbing and sighing they feared I was dying
till they found I only was a cryin' for more.
Aside from the traditional bourbon producers in Ky, three corporations from three different countries ha e divided
Cont. Fat fingered the last post. Anyway three have divided rhe bourbon and rye producers. Suntory (Japan), Diageo (Britain), and Sazerac (USA). Japan has been producing high quality and awarded whisky for decades. The acquisition of these brands by the above three corporations 
In my opinion is a good thing, cash to upgrade facilities, expand product lines, and expand world markets for true quality american products. Just my opinion. When I pour some Basil Hayden it just tastes good.