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Aside from the traditional bourbon producers in Ky, three corporations from three different countries ha e divided
Cont. Fat fingered the last post. Anyway three have divided rhe bourbon and rye producers. Suntory (Japan), Diageo (Britain), and Sazerac (USA). Japan has been producing high quality and awarded whisky for decades. The acquisition of these brands by the above three corporations 
In my opinion is a good thing, cash to upgrade facilities, expand product lines, and expand world markets for true quality american products. Just my opinion. When I pour some Basil Hayden it just tastes good.
I only have one question.

What are this Wednesday night's Powerball winning numbers.

Thank you in advance.......
And talking about fine Irish whiskey ...

Two-lifetime friends are in the hospital. One, O’brian, is on his death bed. His best friend McNeil is by his side, holding his hand, comforting his best friend in his final few minutes.

O’brian in a very weak voice, slightly above a whisper, says to his friend: ... "McNeil, my dearest old friend, I was wonderin,’ would ye do me a favor... After I go, will ye get a bottle of the finest Irish Whiskey and sprinkle it over me grave?"

McNeil responds: ... Sure laddie ... but I was kind of wonderin’ would ye mind if I filtered it through me kidneys first?"
"God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from conquering the world. "

I've had several Japanese "Scotches". They were all very good but also as pricey as many high end Scottish Scotches. I've also had a pretty good "Scotch" from India.

I'll answer my own "Pappy" question since Erik seems reticent. ;-)

I've had Pappy 23 and while I thought it was very good indeed it was only a little better than Four Roses single barrel and not really any better than Blanton's. At many many times the price of Four Roses and Blanton's I would never consider buying Pappy. If the fad ends and Pappy catches up with production I might pay a few bucks more for it over the other two. But I might not.