Ask the local curmudgeon (me) anything related to tech or liquor. :)

I don't know that much about liquor, but I know what I like.


Shot of sloe gin, double shot of Southern Comfort, with orange juice.
Like a screwdriver, sort of.
I call it a sloe comfortable screw.
@erik_squires : "Moscow Sunset"


@millercarbon, the last time I heard that one I laughed so hard I fell of my dinosaur. ;-)
That drink is actually a thing.... except it has vodka...and it’s disgusting.
A friend of mine, at some point, invented a cocktail "Death in the bedroom". It was something you drink in the evening, before going to bed. The recipe is:

-100ml of vodka


-100ml of vodka

It seems as the simplest cocktail ever, but...

important thing, and why he qualified it as a cocktail, is that it must be two different vodkas.
I came across this while YouTubing and it should be amusing for all the bourbon drinkers out there. It's not it's funny, per se, but the guy seems to really enjoy bourdon. The permanent flush on his face speaks volumes.

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