Asking for help - Please! How to play CD's in car with no CD player!

Asking for help and step by step (bullet format) guidance please.

Here is the issue.  Purchased a new car for the wife.  No CD player in the car. 

(I'm a analog type person, but have a smartphone, laptop computer, and external DVD/CD drive, and of reasonable intelligence.)

I have a lot of 'homemade CD's' that I really, really, like.

How do I go about getting this music to play in the car?

Something to do with 'ripping' the CD's to my computer?

How do you get the music from the computer post ripped to your smartphone and then to your car.  
(Car does have bluetooth capability,  my phone is linked into the car.)

Thanks in advance!  I appreciate the help and guidance.

As long as you are getting cell phone coverage you do not need to download the files onto your phone, so you can stream any song or playlist you build. You can obviously download them to your phone so if you don’t have phone coverage you still have your music but you have to have WiFi access so you have to plan a little ahead. It’s really simple to toggle between just streaming or download. You can get a family plan and share your playlist with whoever as long as they have a Spotify or Tidal account as well. Real simple and again you can play around for thirty days at no cost and can cancel at anytime so no locked in contract. 

I use both Spotiy and Tidal. Spotify I’ve had for several years and use it in the car and bike riding - pedal bike. I just downloaded Tidal for inhome use with a streamer. If I end up liking and knowing Tidal I’ll probably drop Spotify but we’ll see as I really like Spotify.

I haven’t tried this but I don’t see why you couldn’t get a small tablet if you want to download the music at home then use that in your car if you have storage problems. I’m betting you work or know some younger people who are all over Spotify and can help you out in person. It’s really easy.
It's true that you can use your cell phone coverage to listen to music but check whether your plan has unlimited data and what you'll pay for any time you might use over your monthly data allowance if you have one. Also, some carriers will reduce your download speed if you go over your monthly limit.
All, Thanks again for the help. 

Our phone data plan with Verizon is only a gig a month, not a lot of data.
I do not wish to increase our data usage.....retired on a fixed income.  
Reason is we use our phones as phones.  I don't play games, etc.

We have our phones 'set up' to tap into the house Comcast wireless internet when we are home.  But once away from home we only have the one gigabyte of data in the plan. 

BTW the car does have a USB port on it.  So, I may be able to insert a thumb drive into it, with the music on the thumb drive?  (I have not looked at the owner's manual as of yet if that is possible.  Been helping a neighbor all day install a new hot water tank in his house.)

It sounds like I need to copy my CD's back to my current computer, naming each one in a file. 
Then put the music either onto a iPod or iPad, or perhaps a thumb drive.
From there either bluetooth it or cable it to the aux or USB port. 
Sounds like using the smartphone is feasible, but data usage accumulates.
On the surface it seems the thumb drive is the least expensive way, if that is even possible........
Most cars with thumbs drives can be really difficult.  For some reason car audio is not up to the task.  I would suggest trying it.
MP3's take up very little room.  I would think that if you use even media player you could fit a ton of music into 8gb on your phone.  Then just use bluetooth.
Does the car have an audio in 1/8" jack?  Buy a simple mp3 player?
Final option:  Tidal has a "download" feature that will allow you to download music to your phone when you have wifi and they you don't have to stream ever.  We worth 9.99 a month.
I am not sure about Kia but many, if not most, of the new cars play FLAC and Mp3 (I would go for FLAC, but you need to decide). Take a little USB drive, put some songs on it, plug into USB port, see what happens.

If that does not work, put music on the phone (you may have some last generation phone laying around) and plug it in that USB port. It should work.