Assistance for PC challenged

Hello all. Trying to set up a computer based audio system. So far I have my trusty lenovo T60 PC. I have a pc linkII, and a northstar DAC. I have downloaded foobar, ASIO, and SRC, and EAC. I am trying to figure out how to get foobar to recognize asio in the output device (it won't find it even thought it is there).

I am a complete newbie to pc audio (other than my ipod) and was hoping to replace my cd player with a pc based system. Getting this set up and getting the various software components properly configured is proving to be quite a challenge! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I was you Scotty about a year ago.Knowing barely enough to be dangerous with PC's.It was worth my time and energy to buy a Mac mini and stay away from Windows.Came to 800$ or so...if you don't have it,hopefully you have good friends.If you have it get it.Life's too short.Either way,best of luck,Bob
By the way how are you connecting from the computer to the dac? Remember some low end soundcards will use the RCA as a digital out or even the headphone out too as an optical. If so you will need to go into the soundcards software to set it up digital output.

Remember only disable the soundmax if it is not your digital sound output card! I assume you are using a different card for this?

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