At Last Bach Really Hits the Spot

Dont know why but I have been having a neurotic, torturous audiophile time lately, not wanting to listen to anything for more than about 15 seconds and feeling like I am sick of everything in my collection.

Fishing around iTunes, I found this:


Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor BMV 1043

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

To me, this is wonderful.

Not too insipid but not too raucous...havent heard it 10 billion times in Starbucks.

Can listen and/or read or drive to work and makes the world a better place.

Can anyone else recommend this or similar, particularly better performances, recordings etc.

Thank you.
Thanks everyone. BTW, I am always impressed at the speed and clarity of replies to posts in the music section.

Because sometimes audiophiles are assumed to care only about power cord upgrades.

I would be particularly interested in more Bach, but will also give the other suggestions a try.
Most of Glenn Gould's recordings are wonderful, especially the early ones. Also check out Wanda Landowska- she is the matriarch of the historical performance movement and recorded some very interesting performances.
A few more you may enjoy:

1. Bach: Trio Sonatas, Purcell Quartet, Chandos.
2. Bach: Violin Concertos and Double Concertos, Arthur Grumiaux, Philips.
3. Ignazio Albertini: Sonates Pour Violon & Basse Continue, Helene Schmitt, Alpha.
4. Corelli: Violin Sonatas, Andrew Manze, Harmonia Mundi.
5. Corelli: 12 Concerti Grossi, English Concert/Trevor Pinnock, Archive.
6. Bach: Art of Fugue, Emerson Quartet, Deutsche Grammophone. (A bit heavier than the rest, but glorious!)

You meant you are interested in quality Bach in general. Besides the Manze/Podger disc, consider these excellent recordings:

For the violin sonatas, again look at Carmignola on Sony (SK 89469).

For chamber music (Brandenburg Concertos, etc.), Cafe Zimmermann's three volumes on the French label Alpha (Alpha 013, 048, and 071).

For orchestral music, the recent Pearlman/Boston Baroque Orchestral Suites on Telarc is really solid, and it fits on one disc (CD-80619). (Also SA-CD.)

For intellectually demanding (even by Bach's standards), Concerto Italiano's Keyboard Concertos and their fantastic version of The Art of the Fugue in the Opus 111 "Tete a Tete" 2CD is a great deal (OP 20011).

Don't know if you're also interested in vocal. You must have a Mass in B Minor? I really love the recent "one voice per part" version by Cantus Colln on Harmonia Mundi (901813.14). (Also SA-CD.)
There's so much... Check out his fugues. Many are absolutely amazing, and they revolutionized musical form.