AT&T ST to Toslink connectors ...

I just bought a Wadia 9 DAC, it has the AT&T ST type
of connectors for digital inputs, and it only has these
types of inputs . Being the idiot that I am, I didn't
check to make sure that my transport has the same type
of connector for digital output. Well, the transport
(Sony SCD-1) has the toslink digital output.

Here are my questions:

1 - Would it be possible for me to get an optical cable
that has the toslink connector on one end and the AT&T ST
connector on the other end ? Where could I go to get such
a cable or have it custom-made ? For this purpose, do I
need single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cable ?
2 - Would the optical signal format be compatible between
these two ? Assuming I could find such a cable, would the
transceiver on the DAC be able to decode the signal sent
out by the transceiver on the transport ?
3 - What other options do I have, assuming the cable with
the two different types of connectors doesn't work ?

I would appreciate very much any help you can give me.
It is kind of painful to pay bucks for something that
you can't use ... |^(


Hi folks,

Thank you for the helpful inputs. I called up Steve
at Great Northern Sound, he was very knowledgeable,
and also a gentleman. He offered me a device that
was made also by Wadia for the 2000 DAC. On the input
side it has BNC, RCA, etc. The output is an AT&T ST
connector to go to the 2000. My problem is solved.
Whew ...

Ghostrider45, what you suggested would also work.
If Steve didn't have anything for me, I would have
definitely tried the Digital Lens.

Thanks for all the help,

In my earlier post I should have stated that using the 62.5/125 simplex cable will only work from ST OUTPUT to TOS INPUT. Apologies for not making this clear. The center portion of the ST connector will fit into the TOSLINK connector. We have used this method when we needed to download from a ST only transport to a TOSLINK connector on a DAT machine and only had an ST/ST cable available.

Regards, Richard

Glad Steve at great Northern could help you. Wadia actually made a companion piece to the 9 to convert inputs from coax, TOSLINK, etc to ST. It was an update from the similar box that was made for the Wadia 2000, and was designated the Wadia 10.

I've never seen one on AudioGon.

Enjoy your 9. It's a great DAC. I'm running a Wadia 7 thru Genesis Digital Lens to a Wadia 9.