At what price is one considered an Audiophile.

Audiophilia, what is is it?

Is it the love of music or the equipment that presents the music.

Or is it both? 

What is the cost of admission?

How much does one have to spend on equipment to be considered an Audiophile, if it is truly the later than the music.

What has membership to this perceived exclusive club cost you?




There is no cost of entry. If you had some hand me down speakers, set them up in a listening triangle, hung some coats on the side walls for absorption, and sat quietly intensely focusing on the music, you would be an audiophile. To me, being an audiophile is all about intent, set up, and a desire to improve sound quality. You don’t need expensive gear although it does help (as long as the expense leads to higher fidelity sound and not just status.)

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I spent $300 on a B&O A1 for travel, sounds amazing for its size.

I have an old Apple HiFi 3 way speaker, it rocks, I will never sell it. Also


my first recollection of music was at 5 years old listening to Nat King Cole on my Dad’s reel to reel that looked like a grey hardshell suitcase. I think it had built in speakers.

My uncle had a B&O all-in-one system in what looked like a teak cabinet and a bunch of vinyl. Sunday dinners at their place (this was in England) was accompanied by all sorts of music but I guess predominantly Jazz

On Xmas eve 1979 I helped my Dad pick out a JVC packaged separates system (int/tuner/cassette/tt/speakers) for $1270 to go in our newly finished “pub” we built in the basement (I was 15) we are now in Canada

That makes me an audiophile.

My current system is just an extension of that relative to income and expenses, and an understanding wife.

I don’t like the term audiophile. Crucially, speech to text never gets it right. Plus, it just sounds pretentious. I simply say that I care about the way sound is reproduced. I don’t even know how we can talk about price. If we bought gear years ago, inflation comes into play. I spent $2,000 on a system in 1981 when I had very little in the way of assets. That’s equivalent to over $6700 today. I haven’t spent anywhere near that amount since. Partly because I still use some of that old equipment. I buy things on sale and often get incredible deals. Plus lots of people buy their gear used. I recently bought a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 705s, the original version. Sold for $1,500 at the time of release which is equivalent in today’s money to $2075. But I bought them for $800. Because the issue of money is so complicated, I just say: fehgetaboutit.

I contrast myself with a friend who is perfectly happy listening to music on her phone or tv. Pays zero attention to how sound is reproduced. Cannot understand why I would consider spending $2,000 on a new integrated amplifier. Her daughter is even adamant about not listening to music on my system. I never use the term audiophile in my conversations with them about sound. Or ever except here.


I think the term audiophile is a bit misleading as the person who enjoys listening to music will listen to an audio vel sound = performed music, and the gear lover will listen to the audio vel sound = performed and recorded music. Both seems to be very close to each other, aren't they? 

In my view, very often the audiophile tend to fall in love with the gear (equipment) and many do not care about music performance any more. So maybe this should be called: gear lover or audio-tech-phile?

Yes, that's not about all of audiophiles as they're many dedicated music lovers and listeners. Enjoy Your listening... to music as well!