At what price is one considered an Audiophile.

Audiophilia, what is is it?

Is it the love of music or the equipment that presents the music.

Or is it both? 

What is the cost of admission?

How much does one have to spend on equipment to be considered an Audiophile, if it is truly the later than the music.

What has membership to this perceived exclusive club cost you?




Buying great audio equipment is the easy part. Getting my hearing that I had when I was a young man is impossible.

@carlsbad2 has a point here... I have a friend who asked me to spec out an audiophile-grade vinyl system for at/under $1k.... I thought I could do it, but it's really not possible. I've found that I need at least ~$1.6k ($400 for a decent turntable with something like an Ortofon 2M red, $400 for a decent amp/avr, $500 for decent bookshelf speakers and stands, and $300 for rack, surge protector, and basic cables) to get to a very entry-level "audiophile setup." while there are plenty of people that wouuold turn their noses up at a system like this, with the proper acoustic treatments and room positioning, a system like this could sound pretty good.

I think there are plenty of audiophiles that are super interested and enthusiastic about audio reproduction, but aren't ready to spend the kind of money it takes to unlock true hifi sound. So I guess your question breaks down like this: anyone can be an audiophile, but an "entry-level, audiophile-grade system" will cost you ~$1.6k-$2k.

Finally, as @designsfx points out, just because someone spends a lot on a system, that doesn't automatically make them an audiophile. Thoughtlessly throwing money at gear is the antithesis of what this hobby is all about in the first place!!!

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That sounds a lot like asking a teenager if they cleaned their room and getting the answer that they thought about it.