At what price is one considered an Audiophile.

Audiophilia, what is is it?

Is it the love of music or the equipment that presents the music.

Or is it both? 

What is the cost of admission?

How much does one have to spend on equipment to be considered an Audiophile, if it is truly the later than the music.

What has membership to this perceived exclusive club cost you?



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I would like to have dual volume control. Lamm does it, my old Redgum integrated had it. Who else ?

       This question seems to come up all the time and the posted answers always seem to be pretty much the same. I think something that seems to receive very little to no support is the idea that being an audiophile has nothing to do with how much equipment you own or how much you paid for it. I believe it has only to do with your appreciation for good music and the quality of the reproduction of that music. Even though one might strive to be able to produce high fidelity music in their own home, I have never thought that a requirement of being an audiophile is that you own the equipment you are or have listened to and that the equipment was ultra expensive. I think you could be an audiophile even though you only own a boom box but go to the local hi fi store on weekends and listen to good music on a good system.

I think audiophile has a pejorative connotation due to being viewed as snobby. I'm a music fan and a gearhead.  I've been that since I had a $100 Sanyo all-in-one system in 1975.  

@ghdprentice +1 I always enjoy your posts. There logical, informative and entertaining without any of the adolescent nonsense that pervades in many threads on Audiogon.