ATC active speakers, anyone heard them?

Especially the larger monitors, I'm very curious.
It's been a while, but I've heard the 50s at length (although they were passive and driven by Linn amps fyi) and they are very impressive for what they do -- I'd expect the active versions to be even moreso. There's a level of dynamic power, directness, and clarity in the midrange in particular that is quite unlike anything else I've heard from other speakers. Not sure they do the audiophile trickery (i.e. dimensional soundstaging, etc.) as well as some others, but if you're into real, honest, dynamically powerful sound reproduction in my opinion they're a must hear -- for future reference if nothing else. Hope that helps a little.
FWIW, I briefly heard the larger 3-way active speaker, don't know the model. It was at a neighbor's, of a good friend of mine. I was blown away by the dynamics and for lack of a better word, "realness". I would agree with Soix, that the ones I heard didn't throw a huge soundstage (could have been the setup), but to me, they sounded like live music.
Fantastic. Have had many models over the years. Bullet proof. Best at playing all genres. Pair well with precise playback medium: no colors like warm or cold. Like to be played LOUD. Think the 40s are the best deal out there. Only other speakers I like are the new Sonys.