ATC SCM12 and 50wpc Manley Stingray?

I'm interested in auditioning the SCM12s but I've seen the discussions of the ATC speakers here and they all talked about how much power it takes to run these speakers.

If I'm going to be using these speakers typically in moderately sized apartment living rooms, and listen with a volume level primarily around 75db, will my 50 wpc Stingray integrated be able to drive these speakers?

A dealer I spoke with assured me that although the speakers had low sensitivity, the phase/impedence angles were very flat & tube friendly.

Any thoughts?
unless tube amps have extraordinary power,they should be used with ported,tube friendly speaker systems...i used to own a set of hales loudspeakers (sealed enclosures) and they refused to sing with anything less than 200watts per channel. they did sound incredible when they were paired with the right amplifier.
I'm using Lafayette KT-550 55Watt/ch tube amp for my original SCM10 (80db)and it got plenty of power for my living room space( 22' X 14' X 8' ) It's never "lack of power" and the bass definitely could make the floor shake. I tried the Krells and they sound grainy compared to the tube amp and yet they don't produce more bass than the tube gear. For tube gears, it's not just about power rating, the output and power transformer has a lot to do with it. Therefore, if the stingray has adequate size of the transformers than it is most likely enough to drive it to a good room size.
Thanks again, all.

I will certainly give the SCM12 a home audition (probably sometime next month) and give a report of how it goes. I expect to compare it against a Shamrock Eire, Proac D15, and if I can get one in, the Harbeth M30.

The Stingray does have some muscle behind it, and it apparantly is known to be able to drive some usually tougher loads, but I don't want to tax it unnecessarily.

I will be careful to listen to how well the Stingray seems to be able to control the bass of ATCs. I don't want it to take most everything that the Stingray has just to achieve moderate listening volume and dynamics. Gotta have a little headroom for those occassions when I do turn it up a bit.
Another superb-sounding set of monitors you might consider as you're auditioning are the ProAc 1SC's. There are usually a couple of pairs for sale used here, for around $1300. I have those monitors too, and they sound fantastic on the ARC CA-50 tube integrated (45 watts). They are really marvelous little speakers with lots of bass, and they sound wonderful on tubes.
Sc53 -- I like the floorstanding ProAc D15, but will try to hear the 1SC as well. Thanks for the suggestion.