ATC SCM7 vs SCM11 ? Which one would you choose?

Hello. I'm new to ATC speakers sound but I have read many reviews about both speakers praising them for their great sound. I own a pair of KEF LS50 but even though I find they sound fantastic, I would like to go the extra mile and upgrade them to something better. I've read that the ATCs can handle more musical genres than the LS50s and that's important for me because I don't listen to audiophile recordings all the time but also 80s and 90s pop and rock that aren't known for having good recordings and you can find really bad recordings.

I know the SCM19 it's supposed to be the best of the entry level line but I wouldn't like to try the ATC sound paying $4,000 so my options are the SCM7 and the SCM11. If I really like the sound then in a near future I could upgrade to the SCM19 and use the other speakers in another room or sell them, BUT, in the meantime, do you think there is a great sonic difference between the 7 and the 11? The difference in price is $500.

The frequency response of the 7 is 60-22 and the 11 is 56-22 but specs sometimes doesn't mean that much in practical terms. Would the SCM7 gave me a much lesser experience than the SCM11?

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So, you've stumbled onto terrific speakers with caveats.  The ATC speakers are great, but only if you have reference source and amplification.  Lots and lots of stable current delivery.  These love quality power and lots of it.  Otherwise, forget it.

The ATC SCM 11 is easier to drive with more dynamics as the cabinet size of the 7's drivers and cabinet can only deliver so much before compressing.

The ATC actives are in a league of their own and should be considered.  I know, the start price of the active monitors takes you into the $5,400/pr. range.  However, remove need for adequate amplification and speaker wires and it becomes far more accessible.

In the end, your attraction to less than stellar recordings may dismiss them all together as they are painfully revealing and may drive you crazy.
If you don't care about wood veneer, you might save some $$$ by considering their pro monitor speakers. They are practically the same aside from their slightly larger cabinets and matte-black finish.

What @helomech suggests. Or, if you stick to the home audio line, the 11s.
ATC SCM11's sound warmer than almost any other speaker in the consumer line.  They are very balanced and don't feel bass shy or overly analytical.  They are the easiest of the Entry line to drive as well and are ATC's best selling home audio speaker.  

The SCM 7's are a modern evolution of the original British hi fi super small extremely hi fidelity speakers along the lines of the BBC monitor.  Billy Woodman, ATC transducer designer and founder, worked for Goodmans Loudspeaker back in the day when the BBC project was first begun (using parts supplied by KEF such as drivers and crossover).  Goodman's was one of the original two licensees with a  one year agreement.  Goodmans did not resign with the BBC and went on to build the Mini-Max, a very high fidelity 5 inch 2 way.  The SCM7 driver is along those lines with a huge motor and very low distortion.   So it's a remarkable speaker, but the SCM11 with its additional bass appeals to a wider audience.

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