Good afternoon all,
i am currently in the market for a 5 channel power amplifier. i just recently sold my classe audio ca 5200 and i truthfully LOVED IT. It has been THE BEST multichannel power amplifier i have owned PERIOD. I loved the smoothness and soundstage. i felt it had a taste of 'tube like sound' if you will. That being said, my plan was simply to move up to the ct 5300 which has more power and some say it has better bass control than the ca5200 which was one of the things it was criticized for. however, i started to read reviews on the new ATI SIGNATURE 6005 and its amazing noise floor etc and of course every magazine is raving about it. Having owned outlaw audio amplifiers before which are built by ATI as well, i am wondering if the signature series is just a little better than the regular at series ? they seem to be a little on the forward side, but i have spoken to several dealers who claim the signature series is neutral, not forward and that it is a spectacular upgrade over their regular series. However, i don't really see anyone else who has given it their own review and comparing against their former amplifier. yes, there is a reviewer who said it was just as good if not better than his parasound a51.
My current set up is martin logan montis, motif x, and i will eventually get the martin logan EFX surrounds. AS far as a processor, i am only using the ps audio dac as a preamplifier because i am waiting on the marantz 8802 to release in february. i would say i am about 60% music, 40% movies.
Given my situation, what would you guys get? i would love to know anyone's input.
i wouldn't want to take the cover off the amplifier. I am not sure WHAT they have done inside, but as i have stated earlier (and also confirmed by the buyer of my 6005 ATI), the ati is forward sounding when compared to the classe, mcintosh, pass labs or mark levinson. If you like clear, crisp and slight brightness, you will love the ATI. HOWEVER, this amp likes to be cranked up in order to fully enjoy it. It doesn't really shine when you are listening at low volumes like the mark levison and pass labs do.
I can now finally tell everyone out there that the mark levinson h series ROCKS and excels both, in high and low volume levels. It sounds SPECTACULAR and has unsat all the 30 something amplifiers i have owned. I don't have to even debate this. It is a clear improvement over anything else i have heard. Although ATI might be still producing mark levinson or not, they did SOMETHING inside that is different and strictly exclusive to levinsons and this specific tweak is perhaps something that the ATI simply CAN NOT do to their own amplifiers or else there might be some sort of a lawsuit involved and a lot at stake. It is no different than saying Chevy builds the Corvette z06 and the Camaro and although the Camaro has the same engine as the Corvette, the vette has milled heads, a different cam, better exhaust manifolds,etc,etc because it is targeted to exclusive buyers who are willing to pay more. They couldn't do the same EXACT engine in the camaro as they do in the z06.
Could ATI make the same levinson amp and badge it their own? absolutely. They have the formula to make levinson amplifiers happen, BUT they can't risk that. I am sure if they came out with an amp that is IDENTICAL to the mark levinson sound, they would get a call from Mark levinson immediately and things won't be pretty.
Martin logan and mark levinson are a match made in heaven. Nothing has sounded better through my montis.
Awesome Review!!! PM me the price you want for ATI 6005. By the way what speakers were you using in your listenings?