Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing

Today I picked up my Atma-Sphere Class D Amps. These aren’t broken in yet. And they are simply amazing. I’ve listen to a lot of High End Class D. Some that cost many times what Atma-Sphere Class D costs. I wasn’t a fan of any of them. But these amps are amazing. I really expected to hate them. So my expectations were low. The Details are of what I’ve never heard from any other amps. They are extremely neutral. To say the realism is is extremely good is a gross understatement. They are so transparent it’s scary. These amps just grab you and suck you into the music. After I live with them some and get them broken in. And do some comparisons to some other high end Amps Solid State, Tubes and Class D’s, also in other systems I’ll do a more comprehensive review. But for now, these are simply amazing amps.. Congrats to Ralph and his team. You guys nailed on these.




Not listening to a word this mbmi guy is saying. @soix you nailed it it this class guy has never heard the Atmas-Sphere gear and I will bet he never heard the Voyger either. I suspect his tube gear was weak also.

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Trying so hard to ignore this thread and the urge to replace a room heating EL34 integrated that takes 20 minutes to hit its stride and will never come with a remote based on principle with a pair of these and a preamp. What is that last 5-10% that does not quite equal tubes? 




I’ve put together a pretty good system. I’ve tried a ton of Class D. I’ve never found one that I liked. Or would be close enough to my MA-1’s for summer listening. 

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You bought a pair of amps expecting to hate them? Strange approach to putting together a great sounding system. Could you elaborate? Your system, strategy, venue

Next System they will go into 

Atma-Sphere MP-1 all options version 3.3

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