Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing

Today I picked up my Atma-Sphere Class D Amps. These aren’t broken in yet. And they are simply amazing. I’ve listen to a lot of High End Class D. Some that cost many times what Atma-Sphere Class D costs. I wasn’t a fan of any of them. But these amps are amazing. I really expected to hate them. So my expectations were low. The Details are of what I’ve never heard from any other amps. They are extremely neutral. To say the realism is is extremely good is a gross understatement. They are so transparent it’s scary. These amps just grab you and suck you into the music. After I live with them some and get them broken in. And do some comparisons to some other high end Amps Solid State, Tubes and Class D’s, also in other systems I’ll do a more comprehensive review. But for now, these are simply amazing amps.. Congrats to Ralph and his team. You guys nailed on these.




Is this thread confined to opinions on Atmasphere Class D only?  I have owned the top Class D offerings from Nuprime and Merrill, and if Ralph's amps can hang with the performance of the Merrill 116's, well now that would be something special...

@sutts if Ralph’s amps can hang with the performance of the Merrill 116’s, well now that would be something special..

Upon what criteria would an assessment be made as to their relative merits?

@noske- that’s a good question- one would think the criteria would be either quantitative (specs and build-related) or qualitative (sound quality of various parameters), or both.  Not sure if that’s what you meant by your response 

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A well designed shootout among the leading or most popular class D amps would be very interesting, but getting conclusive results on such a highly subjective thing as how things "sound" is always problematic.


That leaves one to merely leverage both the two tools one has at their disposal to decide.....what they read including specs then always most importantly in the end what they hear.


Since everyone hears differently and also has unique goals and preferences, there is no pressure for anyone to agree with another.


At the same time, in lieu of objective measurements, no substantive conclusions regarding what is "best" or even "better" can ever be made. Each will make that determination based on the factors that matter to them. Measurements may or may not even matter in some cases.