Atma Sphere deserves praise

In the last 6 months Atma Sphere released a revision to their MK III designation to MK III.1. It amounted to a small part change and I think the resulting cost was less than $500. In my system, and in other's judging by recent posts, it was a very worthwhile improvement. Not only was an upgrade path available, but the cost was very reasonable.

Do you think other manufacturers that release "new" product updates every 12-18 months, or worse new products because there is no upgrade path are simply offering design breakthroughs? Or is this just running a successful business?

I think they hurt their current customers by devaluing their "old" equipment on the used market, and causing them to scurry like ants for the latest new stuff.
Everybody's makes choices based on personal preference. The above referenced Atmas-phere OTL's sounded great, but I liked the ARC VT-100, and a pair the very light, solid state Bel 1001's just as well. I have a pair of 65 pound subs and some 80 pound electrostatic panels. Am I restricting my choices- you bet.
I like the looks, especially the amps, they look like they are going to sound good:) does Angelina Jolie, but since I'm not going to have either of them, it's kind of academic.
Atma Sphere deserves praise indeed. Making affordable upgrades to existing products available to owners says volumes about how a company views its customers.

Contrast Transparent Audio's brilliant marketing plan. They introduce a new cable upgrade, say MM1 to MM2 but price it the same as the previous model. That's great for new buyers of MM2 cables but it significantly depresses the resale value of the MM1 version. So if you happen to own MM1 cables and want to upgrade or change them, you have to either sell them at their reduced value or participate in Transparent's very costly upgrade program. Not so subtle coercion.

I will only purchase equipment from companies that try to enhance or sustain their product's value and not actively manipulate it to coerce another sale.

I agree except you need to stress the fact the MM1 wasn't worth it in the first place so what's the point in switching to MM2? $20,000 cables what a bunch of silliness.

AR is another one that doesn't seem too concerned about it's existing customers, unless they're willing to chase the newest revision. I can't even keep track they have so many versions and mk's.