Attention Messenger Preamp Owners...

I just got the very first Messenger Mk II. It is incredible. I can't believe Elliot Midwood made what many consider the best preamp on the market markedly better. Every area has been improved.

There is more extension in the high end while the midrange is liquid smooth. Everything sounds more natural and relaxed(especially digital). The soundstage is wider and there is greater air around the instruments and vocals. Images are bigger and better defined and there has been no detraction or loss in the bottom.

Honestly words don't do justice to the sound. You have to hear it!

Sorry I should have been clearer. I didn't mean that it didn't improve the sound. I have never heard it I was just going off of what Elliot told me. He did say it improved the sound but he also felt it was more for guys that liked to tweak the tubes(which isn't me). That's all I meant so I hope I clarified that for everyone who reads this.

Do you have the tube power supply?

Thanks very much for the information. I'll have to get in touch with Elliot. Do you happen to know how much the upgrade costs?

Hi Mike,

Here is the cost. The cost of the MkIII upgrade right now is $1800 plus shipping and the cost of the new volume control upgrade is $1500 plus shipping

I didn't get the volume control upgrade because I knew where I liked everything.