Attn: Ayre v-5xe owners


There's been a lot of Ayre v-5xe amplifiers (two-channel 150 watts per channel) for sale on Audiogon over the past 3-6 months. Wanted to ask previous and current v-5xe owners what your opinion is of this amp. It seems that one recurring complaint is that the bass region is a little light.

Both reviewers and owners alike agree that the MXR monoblocks are expceptional, but most of us will only be able to afford the mid-priced Ayre amps such as the v-5xe. Wanted to ask if the v-5xe is a viable mid-level alternative or we should keep our fingers crossed that the MXR technology will trickle down to the lower-priced Ayre amps at some point in the near future.

Thanks in advance for your valuable opinions. As usual, the community is very helpful.

It only takes a couple of shady dealers in the network selling at 20-40 percent off the retail price. It's the dark secret that happens all the time. It's not popularized but it only takes a couple of dealers that move lots of product at a great discount. The dealer makes money and there is no risk for the buyer to "try" it. If caught the dealer will usually lose the product line. Maybe, unless it's mutually beneficial.
Bjesien ... a tad curious. To what extent is a manufacturer allowed to control retail pricing? For some reason, way back when, I thought that price fixing was against the law. For some reason, I thought a manufacturer could assign dealer territories, but not much else. I'm a tax attorney, not an anti-trust geek. I haven't seen this issue since I was in law school, almost 30 years ago. So I'm just askin'

10 year update. The XP-10 and V-5xe are the sweet part of our audio rig. Just added WA SabrinaX and delighted to report the amp can handle these speakers with controlled bottom end, sweet mids and high freq. holographic. Amazing. 



Totally agree- AYRE and Wilson Audio are Sonic matches. Another +vote for AYRE Integrated amp(s).


Happy Listening!