Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?

While reading through the many threads on Vinyl vs. CD, I thought it might be interesting to see what CD transports/players Vinyl fans use when not listening to their analog rig?
I use a Resolution Audio Opus 21, as does my friend.

(So count that as two votes!)
Entec Number Cruncher v3.0 with G&D UTP-1 transport--modified by TG Audio and voiced using Rockport turntable as reference.
I don't have any digital rig.

I listen to digital in the car, or in my fiancee's home theater system.

When I want to sit down and really do some serious listening(which is the only time that I turn my sytem on), I play vinyl only.
EVS DAC and Marantz cc43 transport. Doesn't sound like vinyl, but it sounds like pretty resolving redbook. Good enough to not worry about upgrades. I juat wanted something competent and as high-end as I could get for minimal money invested. About $450 altogether including digital interconnect and power cord. Not bad.

Looks like Peterb has a nice setup. Congrats. The Audiomeca are supposed to be very analog sounding. I've heard the $2k Obsession CD player and liked it a lot.

Sony XA-777ES (SACD/CD player) and Toshiba 3950 with Ack dAck! The mildly modded 3950 with Ack dAck! is my preferred setup for Redbook discs, believe it or not.
Ack dAck! 1.0. Replaced a $6000 DAC. Smooth, warm and open. As close to vinyl as I've heard digital sound.
I am really happy with this purchase, and don't plan to upgrade. Very dynamic, everything digital should be.
Currently the RA Opus 21 in my main system which was built around my Walker Proscenium Gold turntable.
Linn Ikemi, I purchased it based on it's analog sound or non-digital sound. All though I would like to get a universal player that sounds as good on redbook the only one I have heard that comes close is the Escoteric DV50 in full upsample mode.
TEAC T1 transport and Apogee DA-1000E-20 DAC. I've added an isolation transformer and I'm experimenting with digital interconnects, but these two sound terrific with nothing better than an Apogee Wyde Eye.
Shanling T-200 with full on "Tube Research Labs" mods. Fantastic player in a one box solution... Hard to beat for anything under $15K
Audio Aero Capitole MkII. The only piece in my system that I have no desire to upgrade or change. It is that good, period!
At home, I play records almost exclusively. On occasion, I use a 6 year old Arcam CD72 and have plans to upgrade in about ten - fifteen years. At work in my office, I have a Sony Discman / Tivoli radio combo.
Although I love my vinyl,I wanted to experience music I could no longer purchase unless it was on cd.I wanted a unit that could hold up over the years,was built well,sounded very good,and had a good pedigree.I bought a Levinson 390s and am extremely happy with it.Don't care about sacd,If I want to overdose on quality sound I just play my lp's.
Museatex Melior Bitstream DAC (modified) / Sony DVP-S9000ES transport. Very analog sounding, but no, it is not a substitute for the real thing.
My CEC TL-1X and Audio Logic 24MXL DAC sound great for CD, but it's still not vinyl. I like my CD's a lot now, but I love my vinyl.
MF Tri Vista, but now it is used primarily as a DAC for my Apple Airport Express. I find my digital listening is relegated to background music from iTunes playlists on my LaCie Big Disk Extreme, and any serious listening is to LP's. The more I listen to LP's the less satisfying is digital, and that is also true for my non-audiophile skeptical friends who come over to listen.
In addition to my analogue rig, I also use my Ayre CX-7, which is a very good sounding CDP. Throw a couple of good recording CD such as TAS2003, Diana Krall's The Look of Love and The Girl in the Other Room, then you know what I'm talking about.

I also highly recommend Audio Note's DAC if you don't mind having two boxes. For ultimate sound quality, of course analogue is king. But I can live with just a CD set-up as well, because playing CD is much more fuss-free and convenient - that is important when your objective is to enjoy listening music and not spending your valuable time on tweaking about analogue set-up.
I use the dicklicht model 69 from Germany, on good recordings , it just throbs with musicality, it's a little larger model than most, a little intimidating at first glance, but flows like silk, building to a climactic ending.
CEC TL2 with Meridian 566DAC(20bit dual differential) connected with a Apogee Wide eye. Power cables by JPS Labs digital AC to both transport and DAC. All source powered by PS Audio Powerplant P300 set at sine wave.
I use a Tube Research Labs modified Sony SCD 595 player (I bought mine at Best Buy for $150) plus the TRL mod at $550 plus shipping. For more info, do a search over at Hi Rez Asylum, there has been much discussion about TRL mods over there.
I use a Rotel RCD990 I bought over 8 years ago. Still haven't found any reason to replace it!

What do you think of the TRL modded Sony 595?

I have been getting into vinyl mostly lately and sold my main digital source (a nice Cary 308) as even that couldn't quite get me the immediacy and presence of analog.
I had decided to just live with my Pioneer DVD/CD player as a digital source.

I kind of stumbled upon the TRL mod via a review on 6 moons and some people on AA High Rez.

Well, long story short I decided to give it a try and I also wanted to fool around a bit with SACD.
I just got mine from Paul Weitzel on Friday and it is burning in as we speak.
I did sneak a listen after about 40 hours.
I think it is going to be very nice-what are your thoughts?
I have a Naim CDS3. I listen to CD's about 35% of the time. I actually prefer opera on CD (longer sides and MUCH easier to find my place in the libretto). For other classical music, CD's can be better where the lp was not well-mastered and subject to break up. But, for jazz and pop vocals, CD's rarely match LP's for their presence and liveliness.

The Naim CDS3 is a great CD player, one that I much prefer over the Sony SCD-1 SACD player that it replaced in my system. But, if one is looking for a CD player that sounds most like an LP set up, I would suggest looking at Audionote DAC's. I've heard the DAC 4 balanced and the DAC 5 signature, and they are terrific, albeit at breathtaking prices.

By the way, my analogue rig is a Basis Debut V (vacuum) table, Vector arm and Lyra Titan cartridge.
What do I think of the TRL modded 595 Sony? It took about 3 weeks or better to break in, but your initial thoughts are correct. This player defies all logic. It's inexpensive, is a lightweight at 12 pounds, yet sounds more analog and more accurate than other considerably more expensive players I had considered.

I've found myself not listening to reel tape playback and LP's as much as I used to. Digital used to fatigue me, I'd get maybe an hour of listening in at best. Now I listen longer than I should, which has my Wife a little upset, but hey, the music is good!

I'd hook the TRL 595 up and give it a listen, then get back to me.

Well, after minimal burn in the TRL Sony 595 sounds very very good already to my ears. It has an immediacy, smoothness, detail and presence that I have only heard in TT/analog setups.
I will keep you posted and probably do some kind of review on AA or here after a few weeks after full burn in.
Just wanted to check to confirm that my very initial impressions were not just new buyers goggles (or ears).
Thanks for the info.
I have a Jolida JD100 which is about as good a cdp I have heard at any price. gets very little play time. Whenever I listen to a seedee I feel as though I am wasting precious time which could be spent listening to a rekkid......

Jayctoy: Yes, I had a DAC6 and modified 1000 in my system for well over a month, (which should be ample time for break in, especially with a used unit). I mention this over at the "Is the TRL 595 really that good?" thread just FYI.

My primary source is a modified Scully 270 (capable of playing back 14 inch reels at 30 IPS) and my over 300 production and safety masters. (That's about as close to the "reel" event as you get.) Don't you think?

My comparisons via digital are with CDR burns of my safety and production master reels. When I listen to digital sources, I ask myself: How close does it sound to playing back my master reel? It's a wonderful (first hand) comparison tool.

So, as we've established, 15 and 30IPS master reels are my reference. For a detailed idea of my system, check out "Jack Seaton" Inmate System over at Audio Asylum.

I forgot to add my Mapleknoll Airiadne Signature (predecessor/design for the Walker) and various cartridges including the Clearaudio Insider Ref, Koetsu Rosewood Sig. Plat., Benz Ruby, and 4 different variations of the vdH Grasshopper (GLA CMA, CMN, GLN).

I also have a near complete Blue Note record collection (1500 and 4000 series) and about 1/2 of the 5000 series 10 inchers.

Best wishes,
A Shanling SCD-T200 modified by Underwoodhifi. Sound is remarkable. I have a Acoustic Signiture Final Tool with a Graham 2.2 and Ortofon Kont with top of the line Kimber cables. Is it as good as Vinyl? No. But I can sure live with this player. It helps bridge the gap between Vinyl and Digital. Use Bedini Clarifier, SST silver treatment and PS Audio Statement powercord and Herbie's cd mat. Mike
Wadia 302 with MIT cables, audio research vs55, marsh p2000t, and proac future .5. It's very revealing and I never tire of listening to it, but viny (rega 25, benz ace, ar ph5) still blows it away.

Why not use your Sony XA777ES as a transport for your ack dack? It's a great transport, or is the Toshiba better?

I use an TRL modded Alesis ML9600 as my transport and an Audio Mirror D1 DAC. Very analog. I get my turntable back from SOTA today fresh with an upgrade from Star to Nova status and I can honestly say I'm not as excited as I thought I would be. This digital set up has made that much of a difference to me.