Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?

While reading through the many threads on Vinyl vs. CD, I thought it might be interesting to see what CD transports/players Vinyl fans use when not listening to their analog rig?
Well Vinyl Lovers the new Music Vault One has the ability to Record Analog at 24 bits up to 192 KSPS. It will capture the soul of the album and be indistinguishable in AB comparisons on the overwhelming majority of systems that people own. Actually it may sound better depending on your turntable because the Music Vault One is not susceptible to acoustic feedback.

The "Truth" according to me anyway is that older CDs weren't mastered that well which makes them sound crappy and most CD players have to do error correction as the CD is plying and they don't always get it right if the Disc surface has issues. The Music Vault Rips the CD to a HD and Does error correction using computer methods that get it right or none of our software would work.

The end result is the Music Vault Music Servers are the best sounding Digital sources out there and do get the soul of your music and the new Music Vault One can make perfect copies of your Albums too.

I am the designer and Manufacturer of the Music Vault Servers, I thought the disclosure was needed.
How's the playback on that Music Vault? Recording vinyl doesn't seem too difficult- my Yamaha CDR does it very well (although the interface is pretty lame). But, the actual recordings sound very close to the vinyl. And, that's not really an "audiophile" piece of equipment.
I think you are asking me how good the Music Vault One sounds.
It sounds better than most CD players. I think you will find that your really crappy sounding CDs will sound pleasant enough through a Music Vault and your really good CDs better than you have heard them before. In addition you can down load Hi Res files from HD Tracks or other sites and play these as well, something most CD Players can't do. It is a server after all.
Ayre CX-7e. Have had it for a few years and love it (should really go for the MP upgrade soon!). Some CD's are better, some records are better - my vinyl rig is a bit higher end than the CDP, but it's close. One thing the CDP can't do is fill the room with music the way that the best vinyl does...but I suspect that's down to the missing resolution of the CD format.

Abbey Road - remaster - parts of it are better on CD, parts are better on vinyl...some of the remastering choices on this album were quite drastic and removed some distortion that's in the original recordings, so in that respect, the CD is better. In terms of filling the room with music usual, the vinyl wins out.
I use the EMM Labs CDSD SE and the DCC2SE DAC combo. I bought the EMM XDS 1 player recently. But nothing beats the Vinyl set up.

It just sounds natural. Digital is all about sound shaping using algorithms. That is music to some years and noise to others. Tis best to listen to what u r more comfortable with. But try one must to all possible sources and technologies...