Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?

While reading through the many threads on Vinyl vs. CD, I thought it might be interesting to see what CD transports/players Vinyl fans use when not listening to their analog rig?
Vernneal, do you mean "Oppo 105 D" or have I missed a new model? BTW, the "D" (Darbee) suffix doesn't buy you anything in the audio sense, just enhances the video, if I recall correctly.
The Modwright Truth/ Oppo105 (universal player) is about as good as it gets.
And, yes, I have a fantastic vinyl front end and a huge library but do enjoy digital.
Yes the Modright is good, but I like the Aesthetix Romulus a lot better. I have tried quite a few.
i was as skeptical as anyone, but the sony ps1 (currently around $20 on ebay) really does sound vinyl-like--there's some basis for all the hype. i stopped using mine because i felt silly fooling with the controller, but it was sonically impressive.