Audia Flight FL 10 with Harbeth Super HL5 Plus...Interconnects??????Speaker Cables ??????

I have found the sound I have been searching for. Wondering if anyone out there is running The Audia and what speaker they are utilizing and most importantly what cabling they are using for speakers and interconnects. I am currently using Cardas "Parasec"....I am happy with the sound but these cables are what I have been using with my still used Marantz Pre with Bryston Amp. Very happy with the sound but would like to try a different cable.......I found the Parasec did not add a bunch of color to the sound and this is what I appreciate about them. What you all using with the Audia? What other neutral cables would you recommend?
Hi Jethro — sorry to be late to the party! I am running the FLS10 with Analysis Plus Silver Apex Xlrs from my Emm Labs Dac2x V2; had been previously using Black Cat 3202 RCAs and the sound now trades in a little exuberant spaciousness for some more suavity and a lower center of gravity. I'm not sure which I prefer. 

My speaker cables to my Studio Electric M5s are the Black Cat 3232s; I certainly get stronger bass from these with my ModWright KWH 225i, but it's tighter with the FLS10. FWIW, I love the FLS10 — it is massively transparent and just plain gets out of the way like no other, but is not the last word in slam; it's more subtle than that. My speakers now are also similar to yours, though in a sealed box arrangement; if you like the Harbeths, you may really love these; they have that big baffle grandeur to them married to a studio like accuracy I love. 

That said, I am receiving a pair of German Physiks Borderland MkIVs this weekend, and think this might be a great match overall. Ordered the GPs out of sheer curiosity and very open new space, thinking omnis could work with its reflections productively. Though those are very expensive compared to the Audia Flight, I'm sure the amp will more than hold up.

Hi @transience, Just seen this post of yours. Do you still have the FLS 10? Are you still happy please? Thank you very much.

Hi, it developed a fault and was extremely inconvenient to service during the pandemic. While it worked, the FLS10 was superb!